Sunday, 4 July 2010

Tea wonders.


Yumm, sedapnyer dapat indulge in drinking tea petang2 lyk this..haha..(ayat aper ni)

let's see what kind of mood do these different flavored tea establish in ur mind n body.
btw this research is done based on my emotional feedback after drinking them. so takyah pcayer.

Earl Grey Tea - makes you feel mysterious and wangi at the same tym.

English Tea - Comforts you. really.

Vanilla Tea - brings out the sweetness in you.

Green tea - very refreshing. will keep you awake in a sbtle way, not the coffee way.

Normal tea - makes u feel kenyang. tho uve eaten only a lil bit of food.

Peach/passionfruit tea- makes u feel confused- ini tea ke juice? but fun, in a way.

Teh Tarik - unexplainable but i alwys get tremors after a glass.

so, which one's ur taste?
yes i kno i havent done enuff tea tasting to be writing this post, coz there are still tons of flavored tea in the market. so u go taste then tell me okayh?

however i find them amazing, coz every flavor is able to present different characters and give different effects to us.

conclusion is, I'm amazed.

You amazed? No? I kno. Post merepek.

Jom Microb.
Mumtaz Giddan.
Ameen, Ya ALLAH.

ignore tea.

p/s: just had english tea. oh comfortablenyerrr!!!


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