Thursday, 18 June 2009

NoThinG or SomEtHiNg..??

assalamualaikum wbt..
hye everyone..i'm luffy..i think i should fill something in our blog before another month passed..

well..we've been bz with,we don't have much time spend in front of our own laptop..'d be too boring to study 24/7 eventhough we are sOo dwell in xms ryte now..i really don't noe what i filled da days with nowadays..seems da days juz fly by and suddenly,days turn to weeks..then weeks turn to months..well..enough of me chattering away..

ok..let me tell u 'bout what i did today..i woke up really late..well,at home,i'm an early riser..i would have been scolded by my dad if he's here..coz he really forbids his kids from getting up late..huhu..then,i ate breakfast then spent most tym after dat studying..after finishing my dhuhr,i decided i wanted to watch "house" first..

well..this episode basically about a patient who is obligated to his religion..House is an atheist person and he really likes to criticize people who commit to their religion..finished watching dat then i continued studying.
then,at maghrib, i read in Quran saying,

"Dan Dialah yang menidurkan kamu di malam hari dan Dia mengetahui apa yang kamu kerjakan pada siang hari,kemudian Dia membangunkan kamu pada siang hari untuk disempurnakan umur(mu) yang telah ditentukan kemudian kepada Allah-lah kamu kembali,lalu Dia memberitahuan kepadamu apa yang dahulu kamu kerjakan"(60:surah Al-An'aam)

that got me thinking..what will happen to me if i am not who i am today?what if i am someone who is like House living in faraway country..will i ever noe 'islam'..will my beliefs now be forfeited? will i grasp the 'nur' in islam? will i feel the same strength dat i have now because of my faith?will i be in heaven like what i wanted so much?

i should be thankful to Allah for what i have..i should never once regret of something dat i didn't get..i should foresee my wisdom more and keep fighting for my future..i should never feel sad because He has given me everything that i could have ever wished for..i should always praise Him whether in good or bad..because whatever happens..He is the One who makes me,who I am today..

"Dan Dialah yang menciptakan langit dan bumi dengan benar,Dan benarlah perkataanNya di waktu Dia mengatakan "jadilah,lalu terjadilah",dan di tangan-Nyalah segala kekuasaan di waktu sangkakala ditiup.Dia mengetahui yang ghaib dan yang nampak.Dan Dialah yang Maha Bijaksana Lagi Maha Mengetahui"(73:surah Al-An'aam)
k,that's all for now..chow!!ma'as salamah..

p/s:bittaufiq wannajah everyone!!

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