Friday, 22 January 2010


assalammualaikum wbt,

wokeyh, exam is juz around da corner ... all my housemates are srtuggling coz there's not much time left ... may Allah bless all of our hardships ... wishing u all gudluck, including myself ...

for this entry, i'd to remind myself about husnu dzon or positive thoughts ... n that's why the title for this entry is positivity ... it's a simple advice but a very2 important thing in life, in my opinion i guest, coz my dad once told me that if you want to achieve something, you must find Allah's bless, and His bless is with those who have pure and clean hearts ... dad always told me how important husnu dzon is, because it's all about cleansing our heart ... if we have a wonderful heart, insyaAllah, His bless is juz around us, and i once heard this from one of my collegue saying''Allah is with His servant's thoughts''.

It's a very simple but thoughtful advice from her ... so guys, if we think that life's unfair, then yup, life's not going to be fair to us, but if we thinks that our path in this life is beautiful, and everything that had happened around us have a great secrets beneath it, then yup our life is going to be beautiful and full of wonderfull things despite all the 'not so good' things that we've gone through ... by the way try reading 'life's an open secrets' by zabrina abu bakar, i always give this book as a gift to my friends, it's a short but a really meaningful story ... okay get back on track .. where were we? .. oh yeah good thoughts. .. but then again, it's not easy rite? .. yeah i know i'm also struggling with this ... but if you realised how important it is, you'll surely want to strive to get this husnu dzon and cast away all the suu'd dzon ...

ermm i'm not really a good naqibah or something, juz reminding simple things in life, for me n for you, insyaAllah ... so guys, if we have this positivity in our life, we can overcome everything ... biiznillah ... sometimes we don't realised what we said or did is the main reason to what happen to us, mostly the 'not so good' thing la rite ... first of all, try to reflect on our everyday agenda, how many people have we make their life easier, or better ... or the opposite to it .. erkk being a husnu dzon is not easy coz like i said it's all about dealing with our heart ... we usually have a negative thoughts about people around us, the way they treat us, or talk to us, or even helping us! .. hurmm3 ... this is actually 'the badman's' mess in our heart ... but he is always going to 'accompany' us, telling us what to do and not to do, and our work is always trying to do what the opposite things that he wants us to do.

wether we realised it or not, if we always have this suud dzon thing in our heart, we'll have problems in saying even 'alhamdulillah' coz everything around us is full of negativity ... the way we look at things the way we look at people, and their like our competitors more than our friends, and everything that we did is not good enough, or there's always someone that is better than us .. yes we can think about it in a certain situation like grabbing knowledge .. . it would not be a problem ... but it would not be a healthy thing to drag it in our life ... and more and more, it will go down to our heart, then it will be full of jealousy, ingratitude, envy and hatred and after that, it will be filled with a black patch, day by day ...nauzubillah min zallik...and i'm really concern if this happening to us,how are we going to get his bless and also guidance?

that's all i can share with you guys for now,i'm considering about publishing new post...maybe after exam,insyaAllah ...may we always be in His bless and guidance,love and mercy,and most important,may all of our 'mujahadah' with our own nafs can get us to His jannah...insyaAllah
some inspired words:
''Janganlah kamu menyangka dengan satu sangka pun yang keluar dari seorang saudara mu yang mukmin kecuali dengan kebaikan yang engkau dapatkan bahawa kata-kata itu mengandungi kebaikan''
saidina Umar Al-Khattab

Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain.
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althafunnisa' said...

bittaufiq ea semua nya!!

insyirahlufers said...

thanx..bittaufiq kpd anda jg...sape yea? ana althafunnisa' yg dlm cite kcb tu ke? wuuu

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